Founding of the chocolate factory


The chocolate factory was founded in Margaux, a well-known village standing among a prestigious Médoc vineyard. The chocolate factory became known for two specialities: Guinettes (Morello cherries in dark chocolate with a hint of Armagnac), and chocolate sticks for the production of pains au chocolat or chocolatines.

Birth of Sarments du Médoc


A dozen years after the factory opened, a mechanical error occurred – one of the pipes in the machine making the chocolate sticks became blocked, creating a new, thinner, sinuous form of stick. The result was Sarments du Médoc, a new product inspired by the local vines and in keeping with the creator’s spirit… The best inventions are often “mistakes”!

First award


The innovative Sarments du Médoc product soon gained remarkable success, and received the “Candy Award” – a prize awarded to the best confectionery product imported into the United States – at the 1983 “Fancy Food Show” in Washington DC.

Renewal of a successful product


The chocolate factory updated its strategy to reflect changes in the market and new consumer trends. In 2005, it presented a brand-new collection, featuring an overhaul of its ingredients, recipes, packaging and distribution circuits… Each and every aspect of this new strategy was designed to secure Mademoiselle de Margaux’s position as a luxury chocolate brand. Mademoiselle de Margaux opened its first shop in the same year, on the same site as the chocolate factory in Margaux.

A characterful chocolate with a unique history

Mademoiselle de Margaux remains true to her wine-making roots and has a distinctive personality. She is particularly proud of her origins and her values, and seeks to embody traditional French charm and elegance. Yet at the same time, she remains modern, epicurean and creative…

Standing among the lush greenery of a prestigious vineyard, she has the audacity to do things differently. With the traveller’s spirit at heart, Mademoiselle de Margaux dares to dream: of chocolate, and of sky blue.

In a constant quest for unusual and complementary flavours, she focuses her efforts on natural ingredients and the delicate marriage between fruit and chocolate, working with flavour-enhancing forms and textures.