Guinettes & Griottes

Guinette, a regional chocolate speciality

Liqueur cherries encased in dark chocolate

The Guinette is made from a slightly tart cherry of the Prunus Cerasus Oblaginska variety, commonly known as the Morello cherry. Known generally as the “Guinette”, this regional chocolate speciality, made with Kirsch or Armagnac, has been updated with a few innovative touches, while maintaining the authenticity of the original product.

This chocolate speciality is now included on the list of the Aquitaine region’s gastronomic heritage.

Cherry, liqueur and chocolate… 3 complimentary textures

The Guinette à l’Armagnac and Griottes au Kirsch are a trilogy of flavours and textures and are the product of traditional know-how and expertise, combining fresh fruit and a carefully selected liqueur with a pure cocoa butter dark chocolate casing. The result is a truly delicate and complimentary marriage.

Quality without compromise

The cherry pit is removed, meaning the product can be consumed completely stress-free. While the time-honoured recipe includes the cherry’s natural stalk, this dries out over time, affecting the product’s shelf life. This has now been replaced with an artificial stalk, meaning that the traditional consumption process remains as elegant as ever.

The delicate art of chocolate making

The chocolate makers are responsible for ensuring that all operations run smoothly, up to the point at which each chocolate is placed in the box. Managing the harmony of flavours and textures is a delicate art, and the warmth of the liqueur is preserved by pure cocoa butter dark chocolate casing. In some cases, small drops of spirit can be found on the product, standing testament to the artisan production techniques used.