Perles du Médoc

The Perle du Médoc, a sun-kissed grape in chocolate

A delicately fruity grape encased in chocolate

The Perle du Médoc is small, soft-centred, dark chocolate delicacy consisting of a white grape, slowly macerated and softened in a peach and apricot syrup. The fruity notes of the white grape add a delicate flavour that combines perfectly with the pure cocoa butter dark chocolate casing. A fruity, sun-kissed alliance.

A high-quality, natural chocolate

When making her Perles du Médoc, Mademoiselle de Margaux uses only natural ingredients and carefully selects her white grapes for their organoleptic properties.

A nod to the wine-making world

Just like the Sarments du Médoc, the shape of the Perles du Médoc is inspired by the vineyards in which the chocolate factory stands. The rounded shape of the Perles du Médoc evokes the shape of the gravel – the white, rounded stones found on the hillsides that give the Bordeaux region’s vineyards their unique qualities.

Chocolate for every occasion!

The Perles du Médoc are available in three different sizes: a large, tasting size presented in an elegant sky blue box that makes the ideal gift or is perfect for sharing, a small, discovery size that is perfect for taking with you, and a “courtesy” box that makes the ideal table decoration or the perfect, original alternative to sugared almonds at any reception.

Did you know?

The word “Margaux” comes from the Persian margritis, meaning “pearl”.
So you could say that Margaux is the pearl of the Médoc…