Sarments du Médoc

Sarments du Médoc, an original chocolate inspired by the world of wine-making

Sarments du Médoc are thin, crispy, irregular sticks of chocolate that evoke the original shape of vine shoots and boast sweet, fruity and delicious flavours.

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Each year, we expand our collection of Sarments with a bold limited edition.

A high-quality chocolate made from natural ingredients

To ensure the very best flavour and texture, Mademoiselle de Margaux carefully selects the ingredients and materials used in her products. Sarments du Médoc are made using pure cocoa butter chocolate, to which exclusively natural flavourings are added.

Sarments du Médoc, an elegant, gourmet chocolate

When making Sarments du Médoc, Mademoiselle de Margaux places particular emphasis on the harmony between the aromatic notes of the chocolate and the selected flavourings. During consumption, the flavours are revealed gradually, creating a kind of aromatic alchemy between the cocoa notes and the subtle undertones of the natural extracts.

This chocolate stick, with its crunchy yet creamy mouth-feel, is evocative of pure elegance…

Did you know?

These famous chocolate sticks were created entirely by accident!

In 1981, a technical error occurred in one of the machines manufacturing chocolate bars. The sticks, normally used for making pastries, came out in an entirely new, thinner, sinuous shape evoking the form of vine shoots.

This iconic chocolate speciality is now included on the list of the Aquitaine region’s gastronomic heritage.