16 Guinettes à l’Armagnac gift box

The intensity of carefully selected Armagnac and the freshness of cherry, combined with a delicate, pure cocoa butter dark chocolate. A true melting pot of flavours and textures that will delight even the most exacting food lovers… Tuck in!
This attractive sky blue box containing 16 Guinettes with Armagnac is ideal for giving as a gift or sharing.

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A box of original, fine-quality chocolates, perfect as a gift or for sharing

Armagnac, a wine brandy, adds a note of aromatic complexity, creating a powerful, full-bodied and characterful chocolate with good length on the palate. The Guinettes with Armagnac are finished off with a casing of pure cocoa butter dark chocolate, making them a delicious and subtle way to enjoy three highly complementary flavours and textures. The Guinettes with Armagnac make a truly original and elegant gift for Christmas and other special occasions, with a subtlety and complementary quality that will set your taste buds alight.

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