Explore our chocolate tasting workshop


Awaken your senses:

Observe, inhale, crack, crunch… and TASTE!

On the program:
A fun quiz covering the history and production of chocolate.
The expertise and origins of Mademoiselle de Margaux.
Presentation and tasting of our specialities.

Discussions and socialisation around the tasting table… guaranteed!

Languages: French, English



Two options:
  1. “Awaken Your Senses” workshop

Stop off and treat yourself to some chocolate, and come and sample our specialities for yourself!
To help awaken your senses even more, part of the tasting session will be done blind!
Duration: approximately 45 minutes.
Groups of 8 people or more.
Price: €5 per person.
All year round, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.
Book directly with the chocolate factory:

  • by telephone:05 57 88 39 90
  • by email: contact.web@mademoiselledemargaux.fr
  1. Take a day-long excursion to explore the riches of the Médoc region…

“Gourmandises en Médoc” programme organised by Vinotrip.
Duration: approximately 45 minutes.


Download the information brochure

Prices: adults: €55, children: €20.
April to October, Tuesday to Saturday, excluding public holidays.
Click here to book with Vinotrip.
Contact Vinotrip : Vinotrip, +33 (0)1 85 46 00 09, contact@vinotrip.com